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We specialise in the conversion of rigid plastic packaging in a variety of polymers serving the food, household, cosmetics and security market.

Together with our parent company Niceway Cosmetics we also offer an exclusive retail range that includes: 

  • baby bottles (BPA Free) and related products
  • enema bulbs
  • douches cans
  • hair curlers and perm rods
  • hair combs and
  • hair cosmetics and lotions
  • traditional muti products

Cherry Plastics can also develop any product or idea for you.



We offer a one stop turnkey solution
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We are located in Cleveland, Johannesburg and are fully equipped to meet all your injection moulding, extrusion blow moulding needs and injection stretch blow moulding(IBM). We have an on-site production


We have an on-site design department that sets us apart from our competitors.